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L.Jaya Kumar.M.F.A.,

L.Jaya Kumar.M.F.A., has pursued his bachelors and masters in Fine arts , from Government college of Fine Arts , Egmore.

Sir is being a highly creative art teacher with 20+ years of experience delivering visual art education in the area of drawing , painting, sculpture , photography and potrait . Sir has assisted and trained students from nursery to adults.
Sir has been a major part in conducting various workshops and competitions in drawing and painting.
Sir has a strong commitment to individual development of each student through fostering positive learning experiences .
Sir would love to motivate people and always pays attention to individual students.
Sir has taught art education with different learning styles, to over 150 students and has empowered the students with the knowledge to utilize their own artistic world around them.

- L.Jaya Kumar.M.F.A.

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